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If you’ve looked at SEO prices, you’ve probably noticed that there are confusing differences between companies. Some companies offer a pay-for-results model; others charge every month. Some charge as little as $100 per month, others charge thousands per month. Why do these differences exist? How do you choose a company when it’s so hard to compare the services they offer?

Here at SEO Prices, we believe that the purpose of an SEO company is to provide a valuable service for clients, not to trick people into giving us money. Pay-for-results SEO involves choosing easy keywords, which generally provide almost no traffic. They can point to results and people are happy to pay them, but customers don’t actually derive any benefit from these results.

Other companies offer monthly SEO at exceptionally low prices. These often fail to provide actual results, because they use ineffective SEO techniques to save time and money. Despite their ineffectiveness, they continue to get customers by appealing to those looking for bargains on SEO services, but who don’t know how to identify effective SEO firms.

In contrast, we start with keyword research to find keywords which are valuable to our clients – relevant, winnable keywords with high search volume. We also continually work to update our techniques to ensure continued effectiveness even as search engines work to reduce the success of SEO firms. This means that we provide excellent value for your money, but we don’t stop there.

We also seek to offer solutions which maximize the value to our clients, monitoring effectiveness of traffic sources, keywords, and offering other internet marketing services on an as-needed basis. Not only that, but we offer a wide range of packages, with the possibility of additional customization to better suit our work to your needs. We’re SEO Prices, because we provide the best results at the best prices. Check out our packages below, or contact us for additional information and more options.

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6 SEO Reports
  • $150
  • 6 PDF Reports
  • DIY SEO Plan
Local SEO
  • $850 / month
  • Local Businesses
  • SEO + Google Places

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    We know how far you can go with SEO before Google or Bing start to treat you like spam. We’ll keep you firmly on the right side of the rules while still delivering results.

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    The coolest site in the world is useless if nobody knows about it. We get your site a listing in the top ranks of the digital era’s phone book.

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" The hardest part of running a business is getting the word out to people who want your products. SEO Prices targets just the right keywords to get my site seen, and seen by people who are looking for my products! "

Sam J., Small Business Owner

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" I've worked with several SEO firms, and none of the others were able to get me the results I needed. SEO Prices was able to deliver results, and they even did it faster than they said they would. I'll never trust anyone else for my SEO! "

Melinda S., Lawyer

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